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My husband and I discovered the Scratchin’ Post a few years ago. We needed a boarding facility for our two cats. We found this place online and have used it ever since! When Cat Ballew decided to sell it in late 2017, we agreed to purchase it from her.

We have enjoyed many years as pet owners – cats, dogs, birds and horses. My lifelong dream was to be a veterinarian, but as finances allowed, I became an RN instead, working mainly in surgery and premature infants. My husband is a retired United Airlines pilot, and he now owns a construction drafting business. He is able to do his drafting at the Scratchin’ Post, which allows us both to care for the kitties and customers.

We hope that you, our valued customers, will continue using our services. When your kitties are with us, they will be safe and happy, just like ours, who enjoy coming to “work” with us!

Sincerely, Jan Creager


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